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Everything that is state-of-the-art technology can not be patented. That means that, as soon as technical innovation has been published, it cannot be legally protected anymore. ‹Shortcut – The Digital Prosthesis› was the outcome of a university project at weißensee academy of art berlin and was presented publicly afterwards. While this led to a quite a few press articles on the one hand, it also meant that patenting was no longer an option – at least in Germany. In the US there’s an important addition to the law: Within the first year (the so-called ‹grace-period›) you’re allowed to file a patent respectively. We decided to make use of this option and filed a US-patent with help of Zimmermann & Partner Berlin. This will hopefully allow us to prohibit copycats and give us a better standing for negotiations with potential partners or clients.

Initiators: David Kaltenbach, Maximilian Mahal, Lucas Rex
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Developers, business economists and sales managers – the founding team seems to be complete. Far from it! Anastasia Zagorni, coordinator at DesignFarmBerlin, tells Projekt Zukunft why designers should play an integral role in a startup right from the beginning. The accelerator supports design-related startups founded at Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin. Read the complete interview here

We’re proud to let you know that Team Shortcut (David Kaltenbach, Lucas Rex and Maximilian Mahal) has been granted a one year EXIST scholarship, starting in June. The financial support and additional Coaching mean that Shortcut will soon be started up as a company officially, which will be an important step towards realizing the ‹Digital Prosthesis›.
Big thanks to weißensee academy of art berlin, primarily to the internal and external coaches of DesignFarmBerlin for the great support! It allowed us to develop business strategies, build a new prototype and file a patent, just to name a few. The support of the Farm also played a key role in applying for EXIST. We’re very happy and are looking forward to the next year.

Initiators: David Kaltenbach, Maximilian Mahal, Lucas Rex
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