Everything that is state-of-the-art technology can not be patented. That means that, as soon as technical innovation has been published, it cannot be legally protected anymore. ‹Shortcut – The Digital Prosthesis› was the outcome of a university project at weißensee academy of art berlin and was presented publicly afterwards. While this led to a quite a few press articles on the one hand, it also meant that patenting was no longer an option – at least in Germany. In the US there’s an important addition to the law: Within the first year (the so-called ‹grace-period›) you’re allowed to file a patent respectively. We decided to make use of this option and filed a US-patent with help of Zimmermann & Partner Berlin. This will hopefully allow us to prohibit copycats and give us a better standing for negotiations with potential partners or clients.

Initiators: David Kaltenbach, Maximilian Mahal, Lucas Rex
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