At the end of February we had another round of applications and again we saw amazing innovations and highly interesting insights by newcomers and established professionals across all industries and organizations.

To foster this interdisciplinary learning process, we invite experts from research and industry to share their industrial perspective and talk about stages in professional development so that young entrepreneurs get the first impression how the market is operating.

The applicants of the current batch, who are eager to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset showcased various developments from areas such as fashion, digital tools, material research, urban infrastructure. Among others by Anouk Hoffmeister,  who developed a database-driven client-server software that enables users to interact freely with different media content within the software. The Team behind “Motor Skins” showed us a fluid-based walking assistant, that helps people with minor motor disabilities to walk more easily and avoids further accidents and falls.
Youyang Song presented biodegradable textile materials – Cooking New Materials! Their development processes banana shells & co. into highly aesthetic textile materials for the fashion industry – plastic-free and waterproof. All other new farmers will be introduced in the next article. So stay tuned 🙂

Inspiring impulse lectures were also given by our experts like Anne-Caroline Erbstößer and Carolin Clausnitzer – Technologiestiftung Berlin, Simon Angel (Curator Sustainable Innovations), Bruno Everling – BCG Digital Ventures and Jan Varack – Ackee. They provided a lot of insight into the experiences and work at the cross-over points between design, technology and business.

Thus Anne-Caroline Erbstößer was able to insert a contact during an applicant presentation and Jan Varak gave insights into the cooperation with an app target group that did not want to be an app target group…
after the presentations the bustle was big and somehow networking seemed to be the supreme discipline of all on that day.

The next day was serious CANVAS fiddling and after a final presentation, every applicant could claim to have had two intensive working days!

We are looking forward to introducing all the newcomers soon. Until then…keep farming!

Tech-Ceramic by DesignFarm-Studios!

Exhibiting a product in all its forms involves a lot of effort and concentration. Our farmers Maria Braun and Jihye Kang had this task twice. Both were represented with their own stands and their cooperation companies.

Jihye and Victor Gonzales, the founders of Studio Sinn Ă„sthetik, showed an “Experimental underglazed drawing robot” at the KAHLA porcelain stand Melodic Scribe. Visitors were able to change different piano pieces via an interface and have the resulting graphics drawn on ceramic plates.
Studio Sinn Ă„sthetik is primarily concerned with the question of sensual translation. The work “Melodic Scribe” deals with the visual translation of acoustics. The designers have developed a micro-machine and software that draws music on ceramics. Sinn Ă„sthetik has won KAHLA Porzellan as a partner for this project.

Maria Braun, with her tech tableware Univessels, had a place of honor in the “Young Talents” Area at ambiente 2019. Her ceramic tableware is universal vessels that can also be used on induction stoves thanks to their special surface treatment!

On 5 days the designers had to make contacts, inform, discuss, smile in cameras, make appointments and give interviews to the press.

The ceramic innovations Univessels (Studio Maria Braun) and “Melodic Scribe” attracted a lot of attention and Victor Gonzalez, Jihye Kang and Maria Braun could not complain about too little interest and visit.

For both founders, production development continues now. We are curious 🙂

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Another workshop at the DesignFarm. Two intensive days, with great innovations. It was all about product development, programming, production, benefits, business models and of course design.
We wish all new farmers an inspiring season and look forward to seeing you!

Read more for the photo gallery.

Thanks for having us @retuneberlin, an innovative festival for design, art and technology.  Former farmer Yolanda Leask from Doppelhaus, DesignFarmBerlin, and sound artists Hannes Hoelzl and Isak Han, UdK / Creative Prototyping, had a great opportunity to presented their products and ways into entrepreneurship.

The Retune Festival is a biennial event at the intersection of art, design, and technology. In its fifth edition, Retune will bring together more than 500 intrepid minds across 2 days.

The Festival is a “think-and-do-tank” and explores the speculative futures of our digital society. Internationally renowned creatives, researchers, and engineers working on the latest technologies will share their inspirational insights in talks and panels. Get your hands on in workshops and experiment with future ideas and technologies. Experience and immerse yourself into digital art with installations, exhibitions and performance. And exchange with interdisciplinary creative pioneers.


Yolanda Leask and Martin Brambley are still on course for success and continuing with the development of their innovative material Cloudwool. And so we are very glad to report on the progress of the young company DOPPELHAUS, who have hit many milestones in 2017 and 2018.

For example, being selected to show at Munich Fabric Start Sustainable Innovations where they exhibited in both Winter 2017 and 2018.