Our program

At DesignFarm you can make your design-in-tech project bloom. We grant funding of EUR 2,000 per month for the period of 9 months, in exceptional cases also up to one year, in combination with a mentorship program.

Create your future

We help you to create your business concept supported by an excellent network within the community of farmers. Design is a revolutionary tool for us – a skill to respond to customer’s needs in a flexible and direct way without giving away your core: your unique way to energize society.

Support the farm

Are you interested to contribute to the prosperity of DesignFarmBerlin? There are various ways how we can grow and bloom together: from mentorship support to strategic cooperation. DesignFarm offers an excellent platform for ideas of tomorrow. Let’s talk about it.


One of our key principles is to open up the exchange between newcomers and established professionals across all industries and organizations. To foster this interdisciplinary learning process, we invite experts from research and industry to our workshops and intern meetups, to share their industry perspective and their personal development. So young designentreteneurs get real inside views when it comes to grasping opportunities that emerge along the way, experiences in business development and the challenges in dealing with budgets and target-groups.

Christian Zöllner

My advice: be real and cheeky!

The Constitute http://theconstitute.org

Malte von Krshiwoblozki

Fraunhofer IZM

Thomas Gnahm

Don´t plan starships, start working for real. Stay flexible – give yourself the option to rethink everything, but keep going.

Founder Trafopop/Wear It

Ange Royall-Kahin

Always remember who you are talking to - and tailor your message and story accordingly.

Head of Partnerships WATTx GmbH

Wolf Jeschonnek


Founder Fab Lab Berlin/Makea Industries GmbH

Darryl Feldman

Digital Innovator

Julian Gerau


"Embedded" Founder