Additive Addicted

Additive Addicted

Dawei Yang & Babette Wiezorek


Additive Addicted researches and works in the field of material expertise and development, generative coding and technological process design for additive, computer-aided manufacturing processes with fluid materials with a special focus on ceramic materials. On the one hand, Additive Addicted produces and distributes customizable ceramic objects. On the other hand, it offers workshops to share knowledge and impart the specific features and qualities of this technology. Additive Addicted sees itself as a laboratory that researches, produces and educates. Thereby exploring and challenging the potential of 3d-printing with fluid materials, thus driving forward the emerging industries 4.0 with a design-led focus.


Mentors: Prof. Carola Zwick & Dr. Jörg Petruschat


May 9, 2017