Case Studies

Case Studies

Konstantin Laschkow & Laura Krauthausen


Case Studies takes a unique aesthetic approach to design, with an emphasis on the perception and analysis of color. By changing certain parameters of simultaneous contrasts it is possible to manipulate an individual’s subjective visual perception. Just like an RGB computer monitor, single color values are affected by neighboring colors to give the impression of infinite complex gradations, which are in fact composed of a very limited number of hues, or, in this case, threads. This experimental exchange between digital and manufacturing processes leads to the development of innovative knitted textile surface patterns. They have the potential to easily adapt to different environments; garments and objects appear dynamic and sensitively simulate colors in motion. As part of their new direction towards spatial applications, Case Studies is developing a special interior collection including blankets and cushions to demonstrate a new modular chromatic system.


Mentor: Prof. Carola Zwick






November 16, 2017