OSW Møbel

OSW Møbel

Johannes Grune & Oleg Pugachev


OSW Møbel was founded with the aim of linking traditional craft and digital fabrication with a cross-cultural approach. Bento is the first product from the young label. The set consists of CNC-milled solid wood trays and compliments made of cork. The pieces can be combined or used separately. Compatible sizes and shapes allow free arrangements according to the tastes and needs of the user. They can also be stacked on each other without slipping, offering additional heights. Smaller versions work well as a nightstand or children’s table. The lowest one provides support to eat while in bed or on the couch. A laptop stand, non-slip trays, placemats, and cup coasters complete the collection.


Mentors: Prof. Carola Zwick & Anastasia Zagorni






November 16, 2017