Victor Nagel, Finance & Coordination
Tim Vormbäumen, Marketing & Texting
Lukas Olfe, Design & Scouting


The travel tool


Imagine the moment when you travel to an unknown city, a city you‘ve heard a lot about. You want to arrive and move like a local or explorer. You want to be spontaneous, not plan everything beforehand. But when you arrive, you feel rather lost, you are exhausted by the offer or don‘t know where to go and would like to have a plan again. What are you doing now? Raaago is a modern travel tool for the smartphone that is precisely geared to this process. The innovative combination of human filters and a gamification approach to decision making will enable users and travelers to move around the city faster, easier and more entertained.


Mentor: Prof. Dr. oec. habil. Herbert Grüner









November 14, 2018