Stone Web

Stone Web

Idalene Rapp und Natascha Unger


The lightness of stone


With “Stone Web”, Idalene Rapp and Natascha Unger aim to redesign rooms with their concept, using their multifunctional and lightweight modules made of basalt fiber. Solid stone, transformed into a fiber by melting in an industrial process and then converted into a fiber, is transformed into a lightweight material by the combination of a unique adaption of the material and a distinct construction technique. The manufactured modules can be produced in different shapes, sizes and stabilities. They can be used in both private and public interior and exterior spaces as multifunctional, light and aesthetically intriguing spatial structures. Whether as a sculptural spatial object or as a multifunctional “piece of furniture” in adaptable office landscapes, the modules can be freely assembled, rebuilt and thus playfully explored and experienced in their functions.


Mentor: Prof. Christiane Sauer







November 14, 2018