Innovative Light Printing System

Madeleine Marquardt
Mentor: Prof. Barbara Schmidt

Light as a drawing tool on textile surfaces. 
Madeleine Marquardt is a textile and surface designer with a focus on process development. During her studies at the weißensee kunsthochschule berlin, she focused on dynamic work processes and artistic research. She developed the project Move – Interactive Exposure Machine with flexible pattern template. The machine offers the possibility to operate a flexible stencil, which consists of sediments and water, by means of sound frequencies and to fix it on a light-sensitive material by a cyanotype printing process. Inspired by the natural process of stone erosion and the constant redefinition of landscapes associated with it, a design process is created. The result is patterns of organic and geometric nature.
In cooperation with the DesignFarmBerlin, the principle of pattern-free printing technology is further developed as the Innovative Light Printing System in order to generate repeatable patterns on fabric in industrial production. The light serves as a drawing tool. Variability in designs is possible by controlling the speed of light and wavelengths.




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