Friederike Hoberg & Birke Weber
Mentor: Prof. Dr. Vera Meyer

Colors are everywhere - almost no industrial product succeed without them. But the process of dyeing causes one of the biggest environmental problems on our planet. Most synthetic dyes are toxic, carcinogenic and harmful to the ecosystem.
Natural dyes are therefore gaining increasing social and industrial importance. As a natural, pollutant-neutral and resource-saving substitute for synthetic dyes, they are moving into the focus of more sustainable production.
Fungi offer unlimited possibilities in their diversity and their natural dyes cover a lively, broad color spectrum. They can replace toxic dyes in many areas of industry and make a significant contribution to the ecological revolution in dye production.
MycoColors is exploring the potential of fungal based dyes. Primary goals are the development of optimized and sustainable extraction and dyeing processes to establish alternative colorants for textiles. Interdisciplinary thinking in the combination of biotech, design and nature is the innovative power of MycoColors - the revolution on the way to a better world.





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