New Blue

Tim van der Loo
Mentor: Prof. Zane Berzina

New Blue is a new way to manufacture jeans. It is about finding new pathways in circular economy, aesthetics and production processes, and it explores this by focusing on the case of post-consumer denim. To start the whole process, jeans – serving as a raw material – are cut into small fibres and then bonded to form a fleece. The technology of digitally aided industrial embroidery is applied on the fleece not only to create a stable fabric, but also to generate the cut-patterns needed for the final piece of clothing, thus rationalizing the entire production process from fibers to a garment. The initial idea of developing recycled textiles of post-consumer material with digital technology is applied to disrupt the take-make-dispose fashion industry by the founding of a company, focusing on circular textile treatment, production and collaboration with selected industry participants.





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