Secondary Raw

Rosana Escobar & Zoa Lu Rosenkranz
Mentor: Prof. Omer Polak

Millions of coffee bags made from jute and fique fibers are imported to Germany every year to transport coffee grains. Once their short-term function has been fulfilled, these bags become a “waste stream” of what is, in fact, high quality natural material. ‘Secondary RAW’ is an initiative to harvest coffee bags from urban landscapes, transform the fibers into non-woven textiles, and upcycle the material to retain its 'added value'. 
The non- woven range from felts to paper: all made from the fibres of rescued coffee bags yet resulting in a variety of materials which have different characteristics. 
Felted textiles retain the insulating qualities of the fibers, while the cellulose in paper helps create a strong and smooth surface. These varied fibre-bonding techniques allow us to develop a library of materials with a wide range of applications, from insulating walls to translucent blinds.


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