DesignFarm at Innovationstag Mittelstand, BMWi/ZIM

DesignFarm proudly presented its portfolio. And the weather was just right:)


dadamachines on kickstarter today!

Our "DesignFarmer", Johannes Lohbihler, launched his product "dadamachines" today. dadamachines enables to enrich the universe of sounds. Amazing play tool for music professionals and experimenting folks. Support him on Kickstarter today!


Impressions from Factory

On March 8th, 2017 DesignFarm and Factory Berlin joined their efforts to showcase some of the forward-thinking start-ups in design-in-tech:

Shortcut - the digital prosthesis
Founders: Lucas Rex, Maximilian Mahal, David Kaltenbach
Shortcut is a digital wristband that translates phantom hand gestures and planar movements into a wireless computer control. It facilitates a quick re-entry into the profession and unrestricted digital  interaction. Shortcut’s mission is to enable „human-machine“ interaction for an affordable price: www.digital-prosthesis.de

Co-creators: Lisa Dannebaum, Francesca Kaes and Rebekka Lauer
C-lab is a software design for the research and management of collections of cultural artifacts. The software provides a virtual workspace that supports interdisciplinary collaboration and allows researchers to engage with collection objects, to organize research processes and to share their knowledge. This concept can be potentially applied to other collaborative environments where management of complex information and visualization play a crucial role.

Finally, we celebrated and experienced the sound of dadamachines from Johannes Lohbihler whose Kickstarter campaign is almost ready for take off: www.dadamachines.com


DesignFarm Spring

Workshop with new applicants at Fab Lab Berlin on March 8-9th, 2017

The spring has brought new visions to the DesignFarm community. On March 8-9th we held our second DesignFarm workshop with new applicants, seasoned farmers as well as old and new friends of the farm as Fab Lab Berlin, Dimension Alley, Futteralhaus, Peppermint, Sunride, IXDS, Virturocks and SAP.

Incoming founders could get the first feedback on their concepts, liaise with industry representatives and enjoy the open atmosphere of Fab Lab.

On top of it, the Farm has organized a delicious experience lunch provided by wild&root. May be next time you are the lucky one to share this experience with us.


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