Tech-Ceramic by DesignFarm-Studios!

Exhibiting a product in all its forms involves a lot of effort and concentration. Our farmers Maria Braun and Jihye Kang had this task twice. Both were represented with their own stands and their cooperation companies.

Jihye and Victor Gonzales, the founders of Studio Sinn Ästhetik, showed an "Experimental underglazed drawing robot" at the KAHLA porcelain stand Melodic Scribe. Visitors were able to change different piano pieces via an interface and have the resulting graphics drawn on ceramic plates.
Studio Sinn Ästhetik is primarily concerned with the question of sensual translation. The work "Melodic Scribe" deals with the visual translation of acoustics. The designers have developed a micro-machine and software that draws music on ceramics. Sinn Ästhetik has won KAHLA Porzellan as a partner for this project.

Maria Braun, with her tech tableware "Univessels", had a place of honor in the "Young Talents" Area at ambiente 2019. Her ceramic tableware is universal vessels that can also be used on induction stoves thanks to their special surface treatment!

On 5 days the designers had to make contacts, inform, discuss, smile in cameras, make appointments and give interviews to the press.

The ceramic innovations "Univessels" (Studio Maria Braun) and "Melodic Scribe" attracted a lot of attention and Victor Gonzalez, Jihye Kang and Maria Braun could not complain about too little interest and visit.

For both founders, production development continues now. We are curious 🙂

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