Awards 2020

It's been an amazing fall for the DesignFarm founders. Congratulations!

Two of the ventures urban:eden/Paulina Grebenstein and Youyang Material Innovation/Youyang Song were awarded with the German Sustainability Award (Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis) in the category Visions.

New Blue/Tim van der Loo awarded with German Federal EcoDesign Award

We are certain that sustainable approaches will be gaining attention in the next months and years as this is the only way to keep the balance on this planet. With the founders DesignFarm is also looking into the aspects of how these approaches can be integrated into the current industrial cycles and gain acceptance on the customer side.


Design Impact 2020


DesignFarm at DDW2020

Reality: How can it be different?

As we transfer into the realm of sustainability and more inclusive approaches, we are shaken by the constrains of the current system. All systems start with thinking and this is the component we would like to alter by our fresh approaches, energy and attitude.

Our current digital exhibition at DDW builds on three pillars. The first pillar is about endless opportunities with matter around us. The second pillar is about educating „on change“, by being deeply involved into the process of creation. And the third pillar is about building communities that can gradually make the transformation happen. "REALITY - How it can be different" originates from this foundation and showcases design-in-tech companies focusing on realization of alternative products we need now. mujō, including Malu Lücking, Annekathrin Grüneberg and Juni Neyenhuys, develops compostable materials from brown algae. Their first undertaking is to realize a packaging that exists exactly as long as we need it, easily integrable into ecological material cycles. Based on the principles of a circular economy, Tim van der Loo, designed and implemented a new way to manufacture jeans - New Blue. The aim of this undertaking is to demonstrate that worn-out jeans can be a part of a new continuous material flow. ‘embrace’ by Silke Hofmann  is a wearer-centric bra alternative that is informed by the physical and aesthetic clothing needs of women affected by breast cancer. This venture investigates a modular approach towards garment design with the aim to make customizable bra choices. 

Join us at DDW, get inspired by the videos from the founders and catch up with us during the DDW 17-25th of October 2020. The time table is online


One big, open standalone grid for playing everything: dadamachines composer pro

Dadamachines announces grid based midi performance sequencer composer pro.

Last week Steffen Sennert and Johannes Lohbihler from Dadamachines presented their Composer Pro at the Superbooth 2019. Steffen developed the Composer Pro on the DesignFarm until the finished prototype. The rest of the time on the Farm he will produce the Kickstarter campaign for the sequencer. Dadamachines plans to have the Composer Pro ready for release by late summer 2019.


„We wanted to get rid of the computer in the music making process. Thats why we took the concept, put it into a device which doesn’t need a computer that can be the centre of your studio.“ 

Steffen Sennert 

„composer pro is the new hub for electronic musicians, a missing link for sketching ideas and playing live. It’s a standalone sampler and live instrument, and connects to everything in a studio or onstage, for clock and patterns. And it’s open source and community-powered, ensuring it’s only getting started.“

Peter Kirn/CDM 



What else farmers do … Defy the weather and have a picnic!

Letzten Donnerstag, hatten wir unser erstes Farmer Picknick. 

Nach 6 Förder-Runden war es an der Zeit alle Farmer-Generationen zusammen zu rufen, um zu feiern, zu netzwerken und Erfahrungen auszutauschen. 

Ein toller Abend mit vielen Farmern und allem was sonst noch wichtig ist: Pizza, Bier und Musik von Dadamachines und Composer.



 Studio Maria Braun & Studio Sinn Ästhetik @ ambiente 2019

Tech-Ceramic by DesignFarm-Studios!

Ein Produkt in all seiner Form auszustellen, beinhaltet schon viel Aufwand und Konzentration. Unsere Farmerinnen Maria Braun und Jihye Kang hatten diese Aufgabe gleich zweimal. Beide waren jeweils mit eigenem Stand und ihren Kooperations-Unternehmen vertreten.

Jihye und Victor Gonzales die Gründer von Studio Sinn Ästhetik zeigten am KAHLA Porzellan Stand Melodic Scribe eine "Experimental underglazed drawing robot". Hier konnten die Besucher über ein Interface unterschiedliche Klavier-Stück wechseln und die dabei entstehende Grafik auf Keramik-Teller zeichnen lassen.
Sinn Ästhetik geht es vor allem um die Frage der sinnlichen Übersetzung. Die Arbeit Melodic Scribe setzt sich konkret mit der visuellen Übersetzung von Akustik auseinander. Hierfür haben die Designer eine Micro-Maschine und Software entwickelt die Musik auf Keramik zeichnet. Sinn Ästhetik hat hierfür KAHLA Porzellan als Partner gewinnen können.

Maria Braun hatte mit ihrem Tech-Geschirr "Univessels" gleich den Ehrenplatz in der "Young Talents" Area auf der ambiente 2019. Ihr Keramik-Geschirr sind universelle Gefäße, die durch ihre spezielle Oberflächen-Bearbeitung auch auf Induktionsherden eingesetzt werden können!

An 5 Tage hieß es für die Designer: Kontakten, informieren, diskutieren, in Kameras lächeln, Termine machen und Presse Interviews geben.

Die Keramik-Innovationen "Univessels" (Studio Maria Braun) und Melodic Scribe fanden viel Aufmerksamkeit und Victor Gonzalez, Jihye Kang und Maria Braun konnten sich nicht über zu wenig Interesse und Besuch beklagen.

Für beide Gründungen geht es jetzt weiter in die Produktions-Entwicklung. Wir sind gespannt 🙂 

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DesignFarm@Ambiente 2019


Welcome to the farm!

Another workshop at the DesignFarm. Two intensive days, with great innovations. It was all about product development, programming, production, benefits, business models and of course design.
We wish all new farmers an inspiring season and look forward to seeing you!

Read more for the photo gallery.


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