We would like to introduce you to each field which will be discussed throughout Design Impact Conference, 28 November 2019

The first topic is “New Work”

Introduced in the 70s the idea of „New Work“ or „new understanding of our relationship to work“ has been pursued on various levels. Technological developments reinforced this trend and opened up new possibilities for numerous professions.
At Design Impact we would like to show you how this topic is currently tackled in the companies like IXDS and also to make a deep dive with The Good Tools into the filed of tools that enable new ways of working.

Speakers: Gloria Berger & Anouk Hoffmeister

IXDS is one of the leading innovation agencies in Germany and a „New Work“ pioneer. Agile work, participation and transparency have been lived here since its foundation and a four-day week for everyone has been part of everyday life since the beginning. Partners from the most different areas profit from these experiences as well as compile and introduce „New Work“ principles in their enterprises in cooperation with IXDS.

On Elevation:
Anouk Hoffmeister has been doing her research on collaborative tools for several years within the Excellence Cluster „Image. Knowledge. Design.“ She observed: there are many tools on the market but still they are not good enough to shape our thinking complexity and to involve others into this process. So this is how Elevation was born. Anouk rolled up her sleeves and started creating her vision of „New Work“.

17:00 Doors Open / Networking
17:30 Welcome & Opening Remarks
17:45 Startup Pitches & Speakers
18:30 Break
18:45 Startup Pitches & Speakers
19:30 Networking