DesignFarmBerlin started 2016 as an initiative at the weissensee school of art and design Berlin to foster design-driven entrepreneurship and Design-in-Tech by offering a tailored acceleration program for innovative start-ups. Until today, the Farm supported 17 designers working in the areas of digital fabrication, textile manufacturing, sustainable nonwovens and software development.

At Salone five young companies will be showcasing their products:

Yolanda Leask with her co-founder Martin Brambley from Doppelhaus take advantage of industrial non-woven technologies in order to create a sustainable and innovative textile collection: Cloudwool is a lightweight and soft felt fabric made of European sheep's wool. As this nonwoven is much more economical and efficient in production it allows to establish a transparent, domestic production thus a positive economic and ecological vision for the local textile industry.

Additive Addicted, represented by Babette Wiezorek and Dawei Yang, explores through the 3D print of ceramic and fluid materials the interface between material research, generative coding and design, driving forward the emerging industries 4.0. At Salone their will exhibit their recent collection of 3D-printed ceramics.

CASE STUDIES, founded by Konstantin Laschkow and Laura Krauthausen, take a unique approach to designing knitted surfaces, with an emphasis on the perception and analysis of colour. With their experimental vigor and recognizable pointilistic visuals, they have created numerous garments. Today, CASE STUDIES is developing a special interior collection to demonstrate a new modular chromatic system.

Leon Laskowski explores in his work the potential of materials, processes and technologies to create novel production methods. ALL IN, the world's first entirely 3D printed task light, demonstrates how a complex consumer product can be manufactured in one material and in one piece. This disruptive approach leads eventually to local production, the elimination of manual assembly and pushes recyclability to a whole new level.

OSW Møbel, founded by Oleg Pugachev and Johannes Grune, aims to link traditional crafts and digital fabrication with a cross-cultural approach. Bento is their first product to be showcased at Salone. This range of solid wood trays comes in compatible sizes and shapes to allow free arrangements according to the taste and needs of users - a perfect companion for digital nomads in their small urban habitats.

DesignFarmBerlin, funded by the European Social Fund and the Berlin's Department for Economics, Energy and Enterprises, continues its mission to shape the world by design.