Awards 2020

It's been an amazing fall for the DesignFarm founders. Congratulations!

Two of the ventures urban:eden/Paulina Grebenstein and Youyang Material Innovation/Youyang Song were awarded with the German Sustainability Award (Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis) in the category Visions.

New Blue/Tim van der Loo awarded with German Federal EcoDesign Award

We are certain that sustainable approaches will be gaining attention in the next months and years as this is the only way to keep the balance on this planet. With the founders DesignFarm is also looking into the aspects of how these approaches can be integrated into the current industrial cycles and gain acceptance on the customer side.


Design Impact 2020


DesignFarm at DDW2020

Reality: How can it be different?

As we transfer into the realm of sustainability and more inclusive approaches, we are shaken by the constrains of the current system. All systems start with thinking and this is the component we would like to alter by our fresh approaches, energy and attitude.

Our current digital exhibition at DDW builds on three pillars. The first pillar is about endless opportunities with matter around us. The second pillar is about educating „on change“, by being deeply involved into the process of creation. And the third pillar is about building communities that can gradually make the transformation happen. "REALITY - How it can be different" originates from this foundation and showcases design-in-tech companies focusing on realization of alternative products we need now. mujō, including Malu Lücking, Annekathrin Grüneberg and Juni Neyenhuys, develops compostable materials from brown algae. Their first undertaking is to realize a packaging that exists exactly as long as we need it, easily integrable into ecological material cycles. Based on the principles of a circular economy, Tim van der Loo, designed and implemented a new way to manufacture jeans - New Blue. The aim of this undertaking is to demonstrate that worn-out jeans can be a part of a new continuous material flow. ‘embrace’ by Silke Hofmann  is a wearer-centric bra alternative that is informed by the physical and aesthetic clothing needs of women affected by breast cancer. This venture investigates a modular approach towards garment design with the aim to make customizable bra choices. 

Join us at DDW, get inspired by the videos from the founders and catch up with us during the DDW 17-25th of October 2020. The time table is online


New Call for Ventures 2020-2

DesignFarm is starting a new round of applications with the first deadline for an expression of interest on August 21st 2020. We are looking for exciting venture projects that are eager to change the status quo on a micro and macro level. Feel free to drop us a line to find out more. Cheers.


Design Against Corona: Mask on Collective

DesignFarm Community startet #Solidaritätskampagne: "Mask On Collective"

Unsere DesignFarm-Gemeinschaft startete diese Woche eine #Solidaritätskampagne gegen Covid-19. Durch den Bau und das Tragen persönlicher Gesichtsmasken wollen junge Designer die Verbreitung des Virus eindämmen. Es wurden zahlreiche Maskendesigns und Anweisungen erstellt. Die Initiative ist ein Appell, insbesondere an junge Menschen, an öffentlichen Orten mehr Rücksicht auf andere zu nehmen, indem sie eine Maske tragen. Bei der jüngeren Generation gibt es oft nur leichte Symptome von COVID-19: Man kann ansteckend sein, ohne es überhaupt zu merken.
Wir sehen die Initiative als eine "Bottom-up"-Bewegung, in der junge Menschen kreativ tätig werden. Sie fördert die kulturelle Akzeptanz von Gesichtsmasken als Mittel zum Schutz Dritter, was in Asien bereits gängige Praxis ist.

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Design Against Corona: Mask on Collective

DesignFarm Community launches #solidarity campaign: "Mask On Collective"

Our DesignFarm community launched this week a #solidarity campaign to “FLATTEN THE CURVE” of Covid-19. By building and wearing personal facial masks young designers want to reduce the spread of the virus. Numerous mask designs and instructions were generated. The initiative is an appeal, especially to young people, to show more consideration for others in public places by wearing a mask. Among the younger generation, there are often only mild symptoms of COVID-19: you can be contagious without even noticing it.

We see the initiative as a "bottom-up" movement in which young people take action with creativity. It forsters cultural acceptance for facial masks as a way to protect third parties, which is already common practice in Asia. 

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Neue Farmer – 2020

Anfang des Jahres nahm die DesignFarm sieben neue Vorhaben auf. Fünf davon starteten sofort im Februar. Wir freuen uns sehr folgende Vorhaben dabei zu haben:

Silke Hofman, die sich mit der Erforschung (PhD) und Entwicklung eines BHs für Frauen nach einer Post-Mastektomie auseinandersetzt;

"Same" Team von Nadine Auth und Aeneas Stankowski, das eine Prototyping-Methodik und eine auf maschinellem Lernen basierende Software entwickelt;

Anton Papenfuss mit seiner modularen Mikroarchitektur;

Tim van der Loo, der neue Textilien aus recycelten Materialien herstellt;


Adrian Haase & Julian Goretzky von VINTER die ein neues Servicedesign für Mobilität forcieren

Mit diesem breiten Spektrum an Themen und Aspekten bringen wir eine neue Haltung in gesellschaftliche Zusammenhänge und hoffen, die aktuelle Start-up-Szene mit Experiment und menschlicher Note ein wenig aufzumischen.

Bis zum nächsten Beitrag und Prost auf die Neuankömmlinge!:-)



New Farmers – 2020

Early this year DesignFarm accepted seven new ventures. Five of them started right away in February. We are very excited to support:

Silke Hofman who is exploring (PhD) and creating a bra for women after post-mastectomy;

"Same" team of Nadine Auth and Aeneas Stankowski, developing a prototyping methodology and a software based on machine learning;

Anton Papenfuss with his modular microarchitecture;

Tim van der Loo creating new textiles out of recycled materials;


Vinter, Adrian Haase & Julian Goretzky, introducing a new service design for mobility

With this wide range of topics and aspects we are bringing new attitude into social contexts and hope to challenge a bit the current start-up scene with experiment and human touch. Until the next post and cheers to the newcomers!



Design Impact Conference 2019, Topic: Circularity

We would like to introduce you to each field which will be discussed throughout Design Impact Conference, 28 November 2019

The second topic is “Circularity”

Don’t you feel that the transition from linear to circular economy is accelerating? Maybe you also think twice before buying or before throwing away. Maybe you started to experiment already and create your products with a cradle-to-cradle principle in mind. It’s wonderful! Because this is how we feel and act, too. Therefore, we would like to dwell a little bit on this topic at the Design Impact Conference.

Speakers: Isabel Ordonez, Sustainable Design Expert, Circular Berlin
Youyang Song, Youyang Song Material Innovation

On Isabel Ordoñez and Circular Berlin:
Isabel Ordoñez is currently conducting her post-doctoral research and acts as a project manager for CURE - Centres for Urban Re-manufacture, Technical University of Berlin. In her work she particularly focuses on sustainable design and topics such as waste recovery and renewable energy sources. At Design Impact she will elaborate the notion of Circular Economy and speak about the levels of actions for circularity.

Circular Berlin is a network of professionals and organizations, working together to accelerate Berlin’s transition to a circular city. Currently, Circular Berlin is expanding their reach through community-building, education, project development, research as well as developing a local circular economy agenda.

On Youyang Song, Youyang Song Material Innovation:
Youyang Song is an enormously industrious and creative designer who experiments with a variety of materials. What started as cooking trials in her own kitchen, is now evolving into bio-materials and -products relevant for today's industrial context where we can no longer pollute but have to re-think, re-design and degrade.

Youyang Song Material Innovation acts as a lifestyle guide for those who want to enjoy their products with a full respect to the environment.


17:00 Doors Open / Networking
17:30 Welcome & Opening Remarks
17:45 Startup Pitches & Speakers
18:30 Break
18:45 Startup Pitches & Speakers
19:30 Networking


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